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Month: September, 2012


The tricky bit for African-Americans is that they were never immigrants. They are the only cultural race that did not experience any relief because they managed to get here. Most newly added peoples to this country entered with their horror behind them. Black people entered this country with their terror in front of them. I am only guessing, but this must somehow, deep in their souls, leave them longing to be in and see countries they never now know or ever will again. Maybe it is like growing up never knowing your own parents, forever shoving your love into pockets that have holes and can never fill-up.

Hope rides a Slow Train to Hell in Small towns

“Without celebrity, Democracy cannot long survive”; Oscar Wilde.

Our last election cycle was a snore. What good is the cultivation of a lazy lack of resistance to shiny objects, like celebrities, if our village conjures up for us were four ordinary men, without a movie or TV deal between them to vote for. Do we realize the herniating energies our local political war machines expended trying to convince us this election had national implications without the crutch of a movie star spokesperson? Shame on us!

I find it out of the question not to believe everything that George Clooney says. This is because I am in love with him and this is what love does to you.  If you find something of paramount stupidity, and you put it in his mouth. I will believe it. It is his due.

I have an unusual allegiance to tiny politeness. For instances, I have been opening doors for women for half a century, even during that dazed period when it enraged them. I still say, “Yes and no ma’am and sir,” and I give my seat up when helpful.  Political correctness says to me that courtesy is not enough for me to contribute and I must give up more because of the assaults of my ancestors. I am just not really going to do this, ( although I pretend that I will, to make the celebrities happy). Everyone is going to have to settle for politeness from me.

Famous and desirable people are mostly agents of the devil. I am not saying that God’s team is dreary but let’s face it; Hell is the place full of mirrors, not Heaven.

I am old enough to see that there are more suspicion in America at present than when I grew up. Mistrust is the industry of today’s celebrity politics. They keep alive the sagas of polarity and grievances. I am weary of hearing about the differences between people. Let me, let you, in on a secret, we are all the same. If you don’t believe this, try to imagine the one thing a celebrity would not want you to believe.

I am reconsidering our Mayor and Trustees. Unscripted common sense, delivered in understandable complete sentences (without makeup,) might be just right for a place like Irvington. At least until Angelina Jolie is available to run, then, trust me, they are out.



The Entire History of Music

It bears noting that trumpets were invented long before fire and did not get much more complicated after that. The sax makes the trumpet look like a kazoo and was born out of the trumpet’s embarrassment. The bass came from the bow and arrow and the drums from chasing away snakes and prehistoric bears. The piano burst from throwing rocks at a pile of bows. Only the piano stool is a modern invention.

Roadside Diner

Caught a glimpse of a  pretty good sized deer  lying dead on the side of the road  having just been hit by a car. It was being struggled off the highway and onto the grass by a man using both his hands to handle it’s weight. The man had a big knife clenched in his teeth.

Drown Humming

The more I watch the news the more I am reminded of the crisis tactic of the Titanic. Keep the violins playing so the passengers can drown humming.

The Beast

Religion separated us from what we became just after we were merely animals. The great Prophets came as a great relief to the post apes because they freed them from the mindless killing.

In Times of Vinyl

There was a time, children, when we bought vinyl albums and we expected to find every song in them to be great. These brilliant albums gave rise to what were called album oriented radio stations which not only played individual songs that were longer than three minutes but at times played entire albums, cover to cover, without commercials. Even more remarkable was that these albums were written and performed by the artists who wrote them. This was a very big deal in the sixties and early seventies . Many people like me began to realize what one person could do artistically within an art form. We had never really experienced this before because most times the writers of the songs would be completely unknown to us. It was the performing artist who would become famous. We just assumed and associated the performer with the words in the song increasing his or her seductiveness. I don’t exactly remember the first album of this kind I was exposed to but I know my immediate reaction was to do drugs, grow my hair long, and dress in outfits that resulted in the grateful early onset of my parent’s Alzheimer’s.

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