The Brick Walls of Marx and Hegel

by Regis Boff

Let’s discuss redistribution because it’s Monday. First of all, no such thing has ever been accomplished without bloodshed in civilized history. Now, say we all agree that we will ignore that and proceed to tax other people’s wealth and to pass those revenues on to the neediest. This does not on the face of it appear to be at all difficult, only the mechanics of it would be cumbersome but not at all impossible and it might be coming. OK, so now a new level of acceptable wealth has been reached.

Why would the poor still not need a steady flow of income after the rich are depleted? They would, certainly, and the Democrat search for money would, as a matter of course and momentum attempt to  identify their next benefactors. The next target would be the unions. This would be inevitable for two reasons, one of which was identified accurately by Mr. Obama when he boasted of the millions of “shovel ready jobs”  he would create. He did not factor in that the only shovel ready jobs available in the U.S. are those controlled by giant unions.  He hit a brick wall, so no new jobs were created because he could never admit this even if he did understand it. This is the same cul de sac that Marx and Hegel ran into. Essentially they needed unions to build the strength of the workers against the rich when they started out but after the rich were eliminated ( killed ) they ran smack up against the unions who were going to be just as unwilling, as the rich were, to give up their power or wealth. Because the unions in America are the hub of democrat power they would have a systemic catastrophe should they succeed in eliminating the rich because they would have no where else to go to make their arguments.

Truth be told , unions are not as necessary as  the rich are. Unions, if one looks very closely, are the reason that small jobs that provided subsistence are no longer available to the poor in this country. We could have five volunteer or medium wage teachers ( they are available at Wendy’s) for every low income kid in this country if union rules were eliminated. Our men could work on roads, sanitation and environmental clean up at low wage and build themselves up again, if all these jobs were not unionized. This was the genius and the times of President Roosevelt. Mr . Obama wants to be a Roosevelt but does not understand the problem. He wants the problem to be the rich but his real enemy, he will eventually learn, is his own party.