Being Blind was Not Enough

by Regis Boff

I became a very big deal in Country Music for a short period of time, maybe six years. Coming out of Rock, and a huge technical show environment I applied this to Country in a way it had never been done before. I also had tons of money from corporate sponsors to grab the artists by their nose greed and drag them along with me. I am an expert with other people’s money because I never forget it is not mine. It is a rarified kind of modesty that I have about money. I love it but believe it is sinful to talk openly about your own. My family never, ever mentioned money. This was no doubt due to them not having any, so like any subject you want to avoid it is a good plan never to bring it up.
I made a point of never dealing with the artists directly unless I had to. I always put someone else between me and the target. This was more problematic in country music because many of them do their own deals and even more deal eye to eye. This flummoxed me for the first year or so because I had forgotten, I think, that I am by nature honest and they were easier to deal with than agents and managers.
Anyway, there was one artist I came to loathe. He was also blind. He was surrounded by and managed by his friends who were ethically decaying rats. They would book a show with me and call up at the last minute threatening to pull out, which would put me in serious jeopardy. They would then blackmail me until I paid them more. They did this one too many times and I got the artist on the phone just as my coldness was setting in. I told him it was a good job that he was blind so he could never see himself as I saw him. He lost a small fortune by never being on my shows again. I wished I could have hurt him more.