Rock Accountant

Month: October, 2013

God’s Bling

God made us to adore him. Each of us with our own truth, each thinking that God will be pleased with our cleverness . Belief is God’s bling, he just can’t get enough of it. Every Man believes that there is a universal deceit out there and that only he can detect it. God is that preposterously beautiful girl we all think we could have if other guy’s weaknesses could only be revealed to her.

The Blind Men and an Elephant

Jainism is an Indian Religion based somewhat on this: The parable of the blind men and an elephant. In this story, each blind man feels a different part of an elephant: its trunk, leg, ear, and so on. All of them claim to understand and explain the true appearance of the elephant but, due to their limited perspectives, can only partly succeed. If one alters this story to include a donkey you pretty much have America.

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