Women and Their Beloved Soap Operas

by Regis Boff

Many on the right blame some kind of clandestine Stalinist scheme for the syrupy “niceness” that is overwhelming our country. They blame the poor hapless democrats who on the best of days could not be trusted to go buy milk if you handed them a thousand dollars. Some blame Hollywood but if you look at the movies fairly, it is easily to discern a kind of impartiality that is in play there. For every “change your attitude movie” that is released at least one or two follow it, bludgeoning you with traditional values.

No, there is a clearer explanation available. What we are witnessing is the intersection of the rise of women and the philosophies of the soap operas that they been watching for nearly fifty years.

These soaps have never been reflective of any real world. They were never meant to be. There are no ugly men. They are all beautiful except for the bad ones who can easily be identified because they look like the real men in that outside world. It is a world where every man is sensitive to women’s needs and those needs are magically sustained by a mysterious accumulation of wealth.  The money will always come so nothing can get in the way of true love.

The one thing women know for certain is that gay men are infinitely more fun, interesting, sensitive and better shoppers than any straight man. They are right in this. The openness to homosexuality in America that is now gratefully inevitable is largely due to women and their beloved soap operas.