And I kissed Her

by Regis Boff


Women want kisses taken from them as that allows them to gauge a man’s confidence and permits them a certain amount of interior swooning. Most boys, when they are novices at canoodling, would rather swallow dead bees than be rejected by any girl they tried to kiss.

My first kiss had little good to say about itself. A girl, a year older than me in high school asked me out. I can’t remember if I even liked her but at that age it was enough that she  liked me. She had her driver’s license so she picked me up at my home in her family car and we went ice-skating.

It was raining heavily when she brought me back home. I had been hard studying this moment all through the evening so I was quick to ask if I could kiss her.

I hope she said, “yes” even to this day.  I leaned over to her  so quickly that I am still not sure. Something inside  so urged me to run that I grabbed  the door handle, put one leg outside into a rain puddle, while trapping my other foot inside the car. This whipped me face first into the muddy, fast flowing street gutter in front of my house.

Muffled embarrassed screams do not lose their voices over time.