The Obama Uncommonness

by Regis Boff

I saw the President on TV last night with his family. His family is perfect in the way that only American Presidential families can be. His children seem happy, and the oldest girl was politely listening all evening to Vice President Biden without calling attention to the canaries fluttering around his head. His wife is free of noticeable cuts and bruises, and she is not frightened to be a spouse in public as so many important but defensive women find it difficult to do.This was the first time I felt I knew the man.

I doubt he feels any real allegiance to race or to party. He has that polished air of a man who finds slight everywhere but learned early that this belittling treatment can give a man the strength to do things alone. It takes a prodigious amount of hurt to forge indifference in full and I think this is the essence of this man. I don’t think we have had a President in our lifetime like him. He wants to do good unneuotically. Not because he is essentially good himself but because his life has betrayed him and he has grown enough protective scabbing to permit him to be ruthless back at life, an unusual dichotomy in anyone, let alone a President. His essential ambition is to right  wrongs and he doesn’t care who objects or how it is accomplished. This was very clear during the sale of health care through the House and Senate. He was completely missing during the entire process. He said to his two daffy lieutenants, Pelosi and Reid, “Do it” and they did. It did not matter what was in it as long as it was for the  worthy finish line. It is the same with taxes. Redistribution of wealth is right in his mind because people are not equal and he believes they should be. It is in the very nature of the man we have elected. Mr. Obama is not a Manchurian candidate, and he is not a socialist, those would be small descriptions of him. He is as strange an occurrence in the Oval office as could be imagined. This was expected by nobody, no matter your party affiliation. He is a living embodiment of the “Parable of the lost sheep,” capable of leaving the flock to save the forgotten one. This is a rare man in a very rare place.