Common Sense, Global Warming and the Klan

by Regis Boff

I grew up knowing what “common sense” was. Its grounded guidelines were fairly well defined back then; if the truth was not instantaneous it was not common. If I did something remarkably silly life would wallop me, then and there. At the time we did not go around preaching these common senses, perhaps because we reckoned others would be getting these rules shit kicked into them as well.
We never let pure theory barge it’s way into our common sense. We even had a word for those left-out ideas; they were called “conjecture”.
I made fun of “global warming” this morning to a total stranger, and you would have thought I had used the only word prohibited in the English language to a group of black people. She fumed out at me obviously delighted to have finally unearthed a disbeliever. Attacking me for it gave her life brief meaning.
It was the same ecstasy of meaning the Klan must have felt when it hung a guy in the south demonstrating they too were true soldiers for their “theories.”
I adore people with intense beliefs because they are amusing at dinner parties and because they are so brittle when teased. I don’t have any friends I can’t tease so these people are like quail to an Englishman to me.
Common sense means you will never be teased when you use it, but to not believe the theories of others can get you hurt.