What men Think about Women When they are not Hiding from Them

by Regis Boff

download There is very little fact in the notion that women are less angry than men. To men the savagery that a woman can exhibit is astonishing. Women run in cruel packs, armed with self righteously saturated code words calculated to keep their individual distress loud and sacrosanct.
Women forgive each other because they view forgiveness as a tactic not a resolution. There are no substantial consequences when they fight with each other. They fight over feelings and men. Women can always find loads of both.
Men spend most of their waking hours trying to avoid direct combat with other men because any conflict surely leads to some kind of humiliation, hurt or death.
Unlike women we never really forgive each other, because we are honest. The most we ever offer is clemency.
When a woman reads this, her mind will liquefy, and then coagulate into the forty thousand words she has for injustice. Men have come to fear this sluggish river of antagonism because we never know exactly where the headwaters can be found so in our minds there is no way to stop what is to come at us . In a woman’s defense she never knows why she feels a certain way either. Her annoyance, as any man can attest to, will only increase if we ask them for specifics. Women see specifics as a trick men set for them.
We love our women for what they really are , but we approach our wives with an ever growing bafflement as the years go on, because of a vague anxiety that she might be entering the “unverified road” portion of her navigation system.