The Greatness of America

by Regis Boff

The use of taxes as a hammer with which the poor can both punish the rich and somehow equalize themselves is an illusion that the rich want the poor to have. Taxes can’t hurt the rich unless an attempt is made to guillotine them with a tax code and this is suicidal.
No matter the operating system you choose in a free, non-socialist state, a gradation of wealth always will exist, it is the price of being alive.
The only proven solution to an unfortunate underclass is a system that permits segments of the deprived to band together and raise their children to a dependable and respectable level. The American system has proven this over and over again with its own immigrants. This is the true greatness of our country.
The huge stumbling block for America has been the tragedy of slavery, which is very slowly being repaired, but again slowly.
It is wrong minded to individually lodge ourselves on our own Internet space and throw mud at everything and pretend we are building anything. This is what spiteful children do when things seem unfair and they want attention.