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Month: May, 2014

You think yourselves free?

One vote for one of two parties and you think yourselves free? vote for harry

What if everyone in the world had a gun?

What if everyone in the world had a gun?
What if we Americans were not armed when we were owned by England?
What if every Jew had a gun when Hitler showed up?
What if Black people had no guns and could not threaten real violence in the sixties, would we have President Barack Obama today?
Why did we not have these vicious mass gun attacks when I grew up in the fifties and sixties? Everyone I knew had a gun then.
With all the symposiums on bullying and correct conduct
Why are these very obvious psychopaths slipping through our social digestive system unnoticed until they strike?

Hate the Voice in Your Mind?

Having concluded to my satisfaction that both men and women speak to themselves inside their minds all day long, it seems now to be a propitious time to go forward with my newest enterprise, Mind Voice Cosmetic Adjustment.
Imagine being able to change your cerebral speech pronunciation or intonation like it was a font, an unsightly nose or a pair of aggravatingly tiny breasts? Exciting just doesn’t cut it does it? I am using my new Tom Hanks voice to form these sentences before I type them and let me tell you it is a real pisser.
Hell, we can do it with navigational systems in our cars so this would be a palm full of spit.
So if you can’t stand the sound of that voice in your head just give me a call.

Women Talk Nearly All the Time

It is not enough to bring attention to the fact that women talk nearly all the time. No counter argument can be brought to bear that denies this even a little bit. Men, by comparison if such collating were to be allowed are nearly speechless.
Before everyone dashes to pick up stick and stones let me just say this does not matter much because I have a countervailing theory I would like some opinions on. I never , even for a moment stop talking to myself inside my own mind. Of course there would be no way of verifying whether even other men do this, let alone if women do. It occurred to me that this might have generated the particularly female attribute of “multi-tasking. Let me know I need data.

And that this was all God ever was

My God has changed a good bit over the years.
He grew up just like me
He was bigger when I was little.
I needed him to give me praise for what I did.
As I grew up we both got busy with other things
I learned that terrible things happen,
Things he would not change.
I could not figure out why.
Sometimes people without answers hated God.
And people who believed in him.
They hated me if I mentioned him.
This was easy to understand.
As I got old I decided God grows up inside us like a tree.
But this is hard to explain.
Because God is such a big word
To live in such a small space as us
And that this was all God ever was.

True Love

One should not ever allow a broken heart to impede the search for romance past the age of twenty-five.
From the age of twenty-six to around thirty-five romantic pains should register only as the briefest of humiliations.
One should plod through their late thirties to around fifty well aware that nearly every woman you meet will eventually be seen as either a missed opportunity or with a well of relief that you have escaped their flawless horror.
From fifty on one of two things should have happened to you. You are stably in true love (me) or you have access to a sense of humor that can attract any woman you might want at your convenience.
true love

Under the Thumbs of the Angry

Politically Correct language began in academia in the early 60’s and coincided with the rise of identity politics. This led to attempts to change social reality by changing language, making it more culturally inclusive and gender- neutral. This has been wildly successful. The “right” in Western cultures were affronted by these changes and sought to nullify them for reasons that were simply reactionary and fearful. The wave of alteration has now engulfed them and most are currently at a loss to remember why they originally objected.
images The “left”, on the other hand, has stampeded into the fascist aspect of speech control, having learned that as long as “complaint” about disenfranchisement is the only speech allowed, they are able to herd nearly everyone with any complaint into their party.
The real concern as I see it is that the left has reached a level of success that can now be maintained only by “negative grievance”. The left has begun to fear the “positive” outcomes of their own tactics. No one is permitted to suggest that things might be improving and those who do are relentlessly attacked as insensitive and of deserving being ostracized.

Only Personal Happiness Voids Nature of Her Cruelty.

Inequity has no headwaters and no solution. It has no derivation that can be removed. It is part of life. A life of balanced hopefulness is impossible without first digesting fully this truth.
We have built Gods, laws, and political parties to correct inequality and when these always fail to satisfy us, we turn on each other. Many in disappointment spend all their time sawing away despondently at the very limbs they are sitting on.
Only personal happiness voids nature of her cruelty.

The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

Before I get rolling here I want you to understand that I know some of you won’t like this much. On the other hand, others will be certain I am right and will be tempted to agree.
I think America is humming away at a near Utopian pace that is kind of breathtaking and wonderful.
Some of you are now flushed with implacable anger because I am repudiating what you feel beyond all else, that America is bad. It is not. The truth is the U.S. is simply consumed with greasing it’s squeaky wheels. This is why we are a great nation, because we are trying so hard.
The problem, and I think this is inevitable in any functioning democracy, is that like a young girl who has been beaten down so hard that she has begun to despise herself, she can sit on her bed feeling better only by cutting herself with razors.
It is time to let this foolishness go.

How easy it is to be good

How easy it is to be good. We vote one way, we are careful never to use the word, and we trust the media to rule on those straying from the path. It is no wonder we are so pleased with ourselves.

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