Laziness and Larceny

by Regis Boff

Certain people always want to be the banker when they play Monopoly while others flat out refuse to play at all if they are forced to constantly make change.
Capitalism is a construct that depends on two always-present human characteristics, laziness and larceny. This sets up the American board game paradox. The lazy non-bankers most often wind up making change their entire lives while the larcenists continue to steal uncontrollably until they end up in jail, Hell or Switzerland.
Getting caught stealing was a pretty big deal for me. I can remember the first time my parents told me to stop sneaking “five hundreds” into my stack.
My parents were Methodists, as unforgiving a religion as could possibly be devised and they were not people who suffered any nuances in honesty with a wink and a nod for long.