Fools wearing hats with bells

by Regis Boff

Jealousy keeps lesser peoples busy. America is and will remain the backbone that the unaccomplished gnaw upon in their envious grief. This is fine by me, as I prefer to hear them whine. It is life’s best endorsement.
At the first we are at least trying to accomplish a general and real equality here in America . We indeed spend as much as possible on our weakest, right wrongs socially when we see them and in the main tolerate even those who blow up our innocents. We are in actual fact a very safe country that people always run to when they are frightened and that says much
We have always attended to the world’s needs, fighting against what we perceive as the dangerous. It is simple to second-guess a boat’s course when you are a passenger , but few jump out of our vessel based on their “convictions”. They sometimes grumble instead of rowing but that’s life. Fools wearing hats with bells can wave around their reinterpreted histories but that is never of consequence, as America will never be subtracted from the world’s fabric, at least not by simple resentment.