A slightly Different way of seeing things

by Regis Boff

Capitalism eventually creates an underclass or at the very least adds to a pre-existing one. Modern capitalism seeks to protect it underclass as best it can unlike its predecessors who simply allowed them to starve.
The US is reaching a situation where the dependent population has tipped the voting balance in its favor henceforth cementing the safety net. This may be more of a unique situation than is being currently being understood by the right and left.
There is nothing to suggest that the entirety of any population must work, particularly if that segment of the population can be maintained in a satisfactory manner. The people who have the jobs that are available can continue to accumulate wealth while spinning off the necessary tax base to support the overall structure. In most cases this is the model that exists today. The democrats have secured their voting base with the poor, the unions, and various social interest groups. This is all for the better. The Republicans are left with really little to say except that the separate state of dependency is a bad thing because of how much it causes in taxes and debt. What they do not realize is the very nature of the dependency state cements their own right to capitalize.