The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

by Regis Boff

Before I get rolling here I want you to understand that I know some of you won’t like this much. On the other hand, others will be certain I am right and will be tempted to agree.
I think America is humming away at a near Utopian pace that is kind of breathtaking and wonderful.
Some of you are now flushed with implacable anger because I am repudiating what you feel beyond all else, that America is bad. It is not. The truth is the U.S. is simply consumed with greasing it’s squeaky wheels. This is why we are a great nation, because we are trying so hard.
The problem, and I think this is inevitable in any functioning democracy, is that like a young girl who has been beaten down so hard that she has begun to despise herself, she can sit on her bed feeling better only by cutting herself with razors.
It is time to let this foolishness go.