Under the Thumbs of the Angry

by Regis Boff

Politically Correct language began in academia in the early 60’s and coincided with the rise of identity politics. This led to attempts to change social reality by changing language, making it more culturally inclusive and gender- neutral. This has been wildly successful. The “right” in Western cultures were affronted by these changes and sought to nullify them for reasons that were simply reactionary and fearful. The wave of alteration has now engulfed them and most are currently at a loss to remember why they originally objected.
images The “left”, on the other hand, has stampeded into the fascist aspect of speech control, having learned that as long as “complaint” about disenfranchisement is the only speech allowed, they are able to herd nearly everyone with any complaint into their party.
The real concern as I see it is that the left has reached a level of success that can now be maintained only by “negative grievance”. The left has begun to fear the “positive” outcomes of their own tactics. No one is permitted to suggest that things might be improving and those who do are relentlessly attacked as insensitive and of deserving being ostracized.