Our President is an Old Fashion Girl

by Regis Boff

Our president is an old fashion girl. The kind I grew up with. The kind I still love. Barrack was picture-perfect for today’s female electorate, the voting block that is gradually taking over the reins of our national stroller. They elected him because he is a dreamboat. Mr. Obama also reminds them a little of themselves and the way they think. Though many mechanical women wait breathlessly for the next election, where they think the long supermarket checkout line will finally end, most know that Barrack is nowhere near the man that Hillary is, so they will miss him.
It could be argued that Mr. Clinton was and still is, our first Black President. Mr. Obama is more accurately our first female president. Our new women needed a man who understood protecting children and what unfairness really means. He was held back just like they always are.
Hillary’s claim to fame will most likely be dying in office or her last name, neither of which will be considered a triumph nearly as grand as President Obama’s. Mr. Obama had to work for his entitlement, Mrs. Clinton will not bear that weight except in embarrassment.
The Obama years more resemble the play dates we mothers are so familiar with. He has drawn us together to protect the weakest because we know that is what is central in life. Mr. Obama is our nation’s homemaker crafting a more livable country with money that comes out of nowhere, just like in the soaps.