Doomsday Eats FaceBook. Yipes!

by Regis Boff

I do not think many Americans are stupid. There are a few exceptions to this, like the people who pay by check in supermarket lines but otherwise our U.S. public is way savvier than is the remainder of the world. This is proven by any mimicry index you may choose to consult.
People are more susceptible to modern doomsday theories in the more aboriginal countries like Ghana and Great Britain because authentic terror worship is more the province of electrifying newspaper rags, Facebook and eating french fries wrapped in newspaper.
To be fair even in the U.S. the threat of a preemptive strike by an angry deity is present in a few people’s minds. Various Raptures, ending of days, eclipses and global warmings all have taken their toll on our panicky sweet spot, but the real difference between them and us is simple, we fashion that which frightens them because that is what we do, invent and create.