The Length of a Childhood

by Regis Boff

I guess the parents of the war protesters in the 1960”s, of which I was one, felt much the same way that I do now. I worry about what will come of my children’s country.
Vietnam taught most of us that government should not be trusted, but my aimless peers rushed into our universities as teachers with a different message, that America should be despised. Universities over the last forty years have prepared our children for very little, at a very high cost. They have become the playground of tenured, union controlled, self-inflated blowhards bent on stifling debate and protecting their negative indoctrinations. Our media and its journalistic failures are a direct outgrowth of this infection. The direction of our country and the weakness of our leaders is their fault.
We are nearly finished with two disastrous Presidencies, that will be 16 years, and it seems we are about to enter a third and perhaps a fourth with Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama simply did not deserve to hold this high office and neither does she. She is the least accomplished.
We did not need a Bush dynasty. That, in and of itself is a farce. We required a black President to help us get an awful taste out of our mouths left there by our own history, but his symbolism again, has come with a high price. He has been a very unsuccessful president.
It is absurd that a woman now has to be installed to make all women feel better. Women will feel better if their children are more secure and Hillary Clinton is simply not that woman. We will have had three unaccomplished two-term presidencies in a row if we are not more careful. That is 24 years, the length of a childhood.images (1)