Pretty Shitty at Winning Wars

by Regis Boff

It is silly to believe we could not stop the illegal immigration at our border with Mexico. We have one of the largest standing armies on Earth. This army of ours is being systematically pulled away from the world’s hotspots by our elected government. I am in favor of this withdrawal, not because I think we should not defend democracy when we can, but rather because we are pretty shitty at winning wars.
Personally, I have always felt that the Democrats believe it will help them win elections by increasing the numbers of downtrodden in the United States. In the short term that is the case. In the long run however it seems that any hard working people, and these immigrants are hard working, will not need the handouts that the Democrats hang their philosophies on.
On the other hand, the Republicans are going to be in a pickle if Mr. Obama brings all our military home and somewhere down the line someone asks what difference is there between our welfare and our military.