The Earth’s Most Dangerous Enemy, Women.

by Regis Boff

Perhaps men should eye wisely the considerations of those women who are coming to believe they no longer need males to have or to raise their children.
Men do not have to have children. We do not have the prehistoric compulsion to go “forth and multiply”. We may have once have had it, but after a million years of war that we were responsible for, it was extinguished. We continued to co-operate with women in the raising of children only for that tiny dot of light in the otherwise black universe it provided us. We are philosophers not breeders.
Women all want children. They can’t stop having them. They fear the void like we do, but they can grow their own lights inside them. Women can’t recognize that there are too many. They pretend precious is rationale enough for what they do.
All our great religions insist we carry on. They demand we can’t even abort a few, as insane as that is.
The religions, all give a wink and a nod to the men who eventually start the wars that kill their babies.
Perhaps events like global warming and the utter destruction of the environment are simply the Earth’s final effort to rid itself of its most dangerous enemy, human women.