Keith Moon, The Who and the Tour of the Plagues

by Regis Boff

Chapter One: The Moon Solution

Keith Moon had solved the problem and he was pleased, “You’ll have to repeat the first half of the tour to find those girls,” he added to the jolt he had absorbed from my news.

The best-kept secrets are the ones that would hurt everyone involved if recalled. I tell this secret now because we are all old and Moon is dead, so who could possibly give a shit.
There was a photo taken after it was all over and maybe my reason for recounting all this is to find a copy of it. It would be valuable if it was coupled with the truth, I will slowly now recall as much as I can remember. It showed about twenty or so of us; the crew, the assistants, and the management of The Who, all standing behind Keith Moon and this small Indian doctor from Chicago who was still holding his black bag and a spent syringe like a medicinal dagger. It looked exactly like the old baseball cards some of us collected as kids.

I always felt that I faired well in the music business because I could keep secrets. Most of those secrets had to do with money. There are more untold secrets hidden within the banks of rock bands than anywhere else. The episodes that rock stars want to keep most secret are very often the activities that are the most expensive. Money can buy things that need to be kept quiet.
This is a quintessentially “The Who” story and an ideal account to help explain Keith Moon, if only a little.