Cheap Naked Women

by Regis Boff

Seeing a woman naked until very recently has never come cheaply. For the most part, the vast preponderance of marriages, throughout history, have based themselves on the agreed exchange of viewing the female’s body for the privilege of providing for her and her children by the means of drudgery, melancholy and premature death.
Men have been more than willing to approve this jug head deal because they are mostly chumps. In fact, we chirp amongst ourselves if we see a girl naked and get away with it by not marrying her. The female, playing her role exquisitely by sniveling for a short period of time that she has been “ruined”, shortly thereafter carries on with the entire charade as though she has been tossed in a vessel of warmed Holy Water.
The hacker who dispensed for free the most prized nakedness on Earth, that of our hallowed celebrities is perceived generally by women and the New York Times, (another woman), as more dangerous than even Edward Snowden.