A Woman to be Afraid.

by Regis Boff

The human body is not particularly beautiful in and of itself. It needs always to be attached to prevailing cultural orientations. I do not find Mongolian women attractive and, in fairness, one has never hit on me in any bar either.
Women toil at beauty for vastly longer swatches of their day than men do. Men depend mostly on lack of odor and hair for their building blocks of presentation. Women, conversely, tool themselves daily with pre-surgical ablutions and a Vegas magician’s top hat of body deceptions then still leave the house feeling less than they really are.
“Less than they really are,” that’s the key here.
The only men who turn grooming into a lifetime hobby are the ones whose personality is so grotesque that no women will have them unless they remain reliably handsome.
Because women are wise they can forgive men for their appearance understanding that men serve other purposes. Where they are unwise is that they never can forgive themselves.
Women regularly carp about having to maintain their allure to keep a man attracted. This would be a salient point if all men were immune to love. We are not. A man in love does not need a woman to be afraid.