History does not enjoy mirrors.

by Regis Boff

So let me get this straight, the world’s most dominant colonial power, England, has roughly lost (I think in this order) America, Canada, India, and Australia, but has managed to hold onto the Falkland Islands, a place only twenty-three world citizens can locate on a map including the Falklanders themselves.
At this writing both England and Ireland consider each other injected parasites onto this small isle and have sporadically been engaged in hot bomb tossing wars for at least fifty years.
Now Scotland, the only segment in the whole goddamn place with enough natural resources to run an electric space heater for more than three hours a night is trying to vote itself out. Should they accomplish this that will, (might) leave England with only two mediocre football clubs?
Meanwhile, some in England are transfixed with good old horrible Israel whom, should they build a condominium, are considered a people who do not deserve to exist because they don’t belong there?
History does not enjoy mirrors.images