A Man of High Consequence

by Regis Boff

Everyone with a shit box full of jealousy sees unfairness in what other people have, its human nature. However, up until very recently nobody with a straight face was trying to make the argument that we should feel bad about what our ancestors did to get an advantage. Idiots, (largely academics and the chronically ill-equipped), who came up with this idea should get bopped on the head.
Hey, was it our fault your ancestors were too late in discovering explosives? Did my ancestors rely on the “Sun” or “Mother Wheat” to defend themselves against Europeans with silly metal hats carrying canons? Surprise answer, “Nope. ” Here’s a little fact in case you are calling The New York Times humans always kill each other. I can guarantee you that the charming native cultures you so lovingly bestow qualities of gentleness upon were enthusiastically engaged in massacring and eating each other before we descended upon them.
I am not suggesting petty grievance is not my constant companion, far from it. Do I seethe about how few followers I have on Twitter? Indeed I do. I know my numbers do not make me a man of high consequence.
But do I blame anyone but myself for this injustice? Well, …….yes.