The Serpent

by Regis Boff

Al Sharpton is hiding behind a bush on the edge of a deep river. He watches a starving child readying herself to swim across because she hopes there is food is on the other side.
Al Sharpton can’t swim; he never had to learn, so his arms and legs disappeared, and he found it easier to be a snake.
He says to the little girl from his safe hiding place, “Can I ride on your back to the other side of the river? I am hungry just like you and I can show you the way.”
“No,” she says,” If I let you ride you might bite me, and I will never get to the other side.” “Besides I know the way myself.”
Al hisses, ” But I know where all the food is, and the people with the food are my friends, and they will never give you any without me.”
The child thinks on this and agrees.
When they reach the middle of the river Al Sharpton bites into the neck of the girl. She screams,” Why would you do this to me?” ” We will both die now.”
Al whispers proudly in her ear, because I am the serpent.”

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