Stealing Fruit Loops

by Regis Boff

Personally, I hope you believe in God. Not just you, everybody. Now mind you, I don’t.
Morality does not  spontaneously spring from inside us. Humans can’t be trusted to do the right thing without divine policing. A sad but unarguable truth.
Any good will our species works with now, has been under development since our first apes whistled. It is to this day a struggle in progress.
Keeping humankind from barbarity has always been a team sport amongst the Gods. However, Gods by their own sour nature, are jealous, and it is certain they get interceded upon by something bigger than they every so often.
People never recognise how many Gods, over thousands of years, it has taken to prevent modern-day fathers from stealing food from their children. Thieving your kid’s Fruit Loops is, of course, no “Rape of the Sabines.”, but it certainly is not a zenith of improvement either. The good news is that a Fruit Loop is less likely to be missed than a Sabine.