Bearing Down on Them with Their Four-Hour Erections.

by Regis Boff

Humankind’s bankable purpose does not extend much beyond multiplying. What is comical about us are the contortions we go through to avoid admitting that we need to stop fucking. I blame the Democrats for this. Republicans hate sex. Hell, even their God hates sex. Liberals are the Golden Asses. They will not stop fornicating. Old age won’t stop these libidinous motherfuckers. They stretch their skins on racks at night just to get one more go out of their sex organs.
It’s the people who just can’t stop making babies who are causing all the problems. These people are, of course, all of us. Even the Chinese, who could make an automaton out of a frisky squirrel, can’t solve their population predicament and they are willing to kill their children to do it.
On top of all this shit comes the greatest minds of our generation who, with no apparent wisdom what so fucking ever, invent Viagra.
If anything is testimony to women being cowed by the sexual interests of men, it is this evil little pill. Most women, after completing their task of raising their children are ready to settle into comfortable pseudo-lesbian relationships with their friends. Very few can endure the thought of their husbands, now mostly flabby and near repulsiveness, hopped up on pharmaceuticals and bearing down on them with their four-hour erections.