The Second Best Pig Joke Ever Written By Goethe

by Regis Boff

Here is a pig joke written by Goethe and later made famous by Johnny Carson. I memorized it as a little boy.
A guy is walking down a country road and comes to an old farmhouse. On the porch sits a farmer and this giant pig. The pig has a wooden leg. The fellow just can’t let this go so he asks the farmer,”Hey fella, couldn’t help but notice that your pig has a wooden leg. How did that happen?”
The farmer says,” Well, buddy, you are looking at one special pig. Two weeks ago, I was out fishing on my lake, and I turned my boat over. Now I can’t swim a lick, and as I am going down for the third time, this pig, leaps into the water, swims to me and carries me back to shore.”
The traveler had an open mouth after hearing this. After a moment though, he says to the farmer his story still doesn’t explain the wooden leg.
“Let me finish,” says the farmer, his pig now nuzzling into his lap. ” Last night, our cat knocked over a candle while my wife and I were asleep in bed. We got trapped by the flames, and we both figured we were goners, when suddenly this pig burst into the flames, and one by one carried us outside to safety.”
The guy looked at the farmer with tears in his eyes, “My God what a fantastic pig! But why won’t you tell me about the wooden leg.”
The farmer was looking tired from the man’s questions.
He takes off his hat and wipes his brow and says to him, ” Well, son, it just wouldn’t be right to eat a pig like this all at once.”pig