She’s Too Long

by Regis Boff

“She’s too long,” he said, dropping one green heel into the casket and taking the other out of his mouth. His mouth tasted of old nylons and formaldehyde. He reached up under her skirt and pulled the stockings to her ankles. Joseph knew what his old man was going to do and handed the heavy instrument to his father. The pronged clamps fitted above and below her knee tightly. He spun the corkscrew vise until he heard the knee bone crack. When both knees hung freely, attached only by the skin, Joseph slipped the green high heels onto her feet and pointed them primly toward the ceiling. The Undertaker lifted her knees up until the shoes fit into the casket. He braced her knees into position, then pulled up the nylons and attached them both to the garter snaps.
She was ready.