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Peeing in the Swimming Pool

Writing things to post in FaceBook is like peeing in a swimming pool. It’s thrilling until you get a mouthful.

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Bad Posture

Bad posture in young boys stems entirely from their readying themselves to see under women’s skirts.


Plumbers and Geeks

I am no more in awe of these kids they call geeks than I am with a typical plumber. Plumbers have a latticework of piping not dissimilar from the world wide web. They have tools like wrenches, pumps, and cleaners to unclog pipes that are at least as sophisticated as  the  mechanisms that permit idiocies like twitter, food photography and being notified of a stranger’s birthday. The physics of flows and stoppages in plumbing are of serious daily concern to every American. Nothing that is gained by a day on the computer is worth more than a couple of hamsters, ( unless the rodents can wield socket wrenches).
Just ask yourself which would be more perilous. A slow responding, phishing Microsoft laptop or your shit backing out of the toilet onto the bathroom floor while your guests wait for you at a dinner party.

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Talking to Myself

I talk to myself all day long. I don’t do this out loud. I do it silently, not because of the potential for embarrassment but simply to cut down on the editing.

What Friends Prove

I have the same number of friends I had when I was ten years old. It proves that FaceBook is bullshit.

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