Sick of My Generation

by Regis Boff

I have grown weary of my generation of baby boomers. We are like famous parents that are ruining our kids lives.
Unable to change anymore, we have chosen to be spitefully graceless. The sluggish immovability of our politics is our fault. We are the ones who are woodenly politically correct, because we are old and humorless. We can’t laugh at ourselves, so no one had better try to laugh at each other. We are pushing the generation that is following us either toward a catastrophic brink or into pathetic obscurity and we don’t give a shit.
We are reinventing language to cement a viciously self-centered social engineering in which we have so long believed. We compete with our children because we can’t stand that this time is theirs. We are behaving like grieving and grotesque aging movie stars, the ones with no fans but themselves.