Just Watch Her

by Regis Boff

Like most Americans, I have no idea who Mr. Obama is. It disturbed me for a while. But I eventually sighed and smiled at myself for thinking this mattered in the least.
President Obama will live the rest of his life as a great American President.
He established universal health care. He did it by simply making it a tax. Hugely clever and a good thing.
He let millions of poor people come into this country illegally. These people will rebuild a lost America. They will show us how to be reflective about how much we have here. He used powers he doesn’t have, to do this, good for him.
He has tried to keep Americans from hating Muslims, not because they don’t offend and kill us, but because it should be beneath us to offend and kill them back. It is common sense, and he is right.
Obama has tried to extricate us from the Middle-East, he may fail, but he tried. I never want my son to die there, too hot and sandy.
These are extraordinary achievements. They oddly pale in comparison to the guiding intelligence he has issued to our electorate for the upcoming elections.
By naming Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, he put her in a position to flop monstrously yet again.
She will blame her failures on him, just watch her.