My Biggest Fear Has Revisited Me

by Regis Boff

I grew up in the fifties jittery and shitless with fear over the rampant approach of another Ice Age. It was coming, it had wiped out the dinosaurs, and if those fearsome lizards couldn’t get out of the way, I was screwed.
I plowed out of my uneasiness with recreational drug use in the sixties, the pursuit of fun and money in the seventies and eighties, and then children in the nineties till now. But now that I have grown too physically weak for robust denial my glacial adversary, it has returned in the form of global warming.
Ice Ages, and there are many of them in Earth’s history, seem to have their very own periods of warming inside them, known as interglacial periods.
According to Bill Bryson,
“Even less well understood are the cycles of warm weather within ice ages, known as interglacial periods. It is unnerving to think that all of recorded human history, from the development of farming, the creation of towns, the rise of mathematics, writing, science and all the rest, has taken place within an interglacial period of mild weather conditions. Previous interglacial periods have lasted as little as 8,000 years. Our present interglacial period has already passed 10,000 years. ”
These numbers do suggest we are in trouble. It must come as a relief to the Democrats who are relying on glaciers, in the form of heat waves, to carry them into the 3012 Presidential election cycle.

mini ice age