Rock Accountant

Inside Which You Live

Life has provided me the eyes to recognise art without granting me an artistry of my own, and this is no small thing.  To identify the beautiful, is nearly as wonderful as making it. Understanding this profoundly, produces  a certain patience. And patience makes the time, inside which, you live.

My Middle East Brackets

I am finishing filling in my Middle East brackets. Saudi Arabia is leading airstrikes into Yemen as the U.S. runs as fast as it can out of that country. Iraq is in shambles thanks to George Bush, and President Obama has positioned President Assad of Syria into fighting for his life by slaughtering his people. Afghanistan is pretty much the way it has been since Christ, a mountainous collection of cave dwellers too inept to draw pictures on walls. Eygpt is mostly living in Manhatten.

Iran wants the bomb and Mr Obama may or may not let him have it. Either way, the Israelis will have the final say. Iran will be out in the first round.
The Palestinians will sue for peace with Israel when they realize they have no friends except at Harvard.
All we ever had to do is drill for our oil and “frack” our rocks; problems solved.
A tidy little decade if you ask me.

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