The Murdered and Selfish Rich

by Regis Boff

Democracy works only if Capitalism and Socialism are comrades. Living is no fun unless you feel you can claw your way to the top of something. That stated; life is also unfair and always discriminatory to the vast majority of people, and that, of course, is less fun.  It is the responsibility of Capitalism to provide the help that is needed and to do so without belittling the destitute.
It is the obligation of the Socialists to remind people  that money must come from somewhere and that jealousy might get you elected, but it will never solve your problems.
The Capitalists will not recognise the suffering without prodding. The Socialists will deny the importance of balance, concentrating only on the suffering, unless they are forced to be realistic. This is what government should focus on.
If the Capitalists refuse to be generous, they will be slaughtered by the masses eventually. History is not a stranger to the murdered and selfish rich, but she is far more familiar with the starving poor.

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