How to Raise Young Black Boys

by Regis Boff

I watched Toya Graham, the mother who beat up her son at the Baltimore riots being interviewed this morning. She is now a worldwide expert on child rearing. The white interviewer was shoveling praise on her for her breakthrough in the proper parenting of young black boys. “You should be the Mother of the Year, ” she fawned.

White people and black people enjoyed that boy getting hit by his mother. “It’s about time someone did something about them,” I heard us thinking. People are loud when they actually think.

White parents are not permitted to hit their kids, so, of course, no one else is either. Our media and our experts have discovered it is not the way. Besides, every parent has after-school programs, summer camps and sit down family dinners of kale and salmon. We also have Ritalin and psychologists and ponderous guilt to use in correcting our child’s behavior. Hitting is never necessary.
Adrian Peterson, the rich football player, was charged with a terrible whipping of his child and was severely punished. Adrian Peterson up to that incident was considered a fine human being. Now he is shunned.
There is little doubt that Adrian took beatings as a child. He understood being black and the danger his kids faced. He was determined to save his son. So was Toya Graham, the “Mother of the Year.”

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