Rock Accountant

So Very Much

We are never what we are now.
Only what we used to be.
The present belongs to the wind

and it never is.

The past does not yield, it only blurs
that which you want to change,

so very much.

Keith Moon and Judy Garland

Keith Moon and Judy Garland had at least two characteristics in common. They could have had additional, but I never knew Judy so continuing blind might appear, even to me, something of a liberty.
These mammoth celebrities knew how to enter a room. Picture a beloved fat aunt charging into your living room unexpectedly while loudly playing a tuba. This image is mighty close.
I recall only one general meeting with The Who about how money was to be divided up after a tour was over. This unusual summit was precipitated by the inescapable detail that Keith had done such a large amount of damage over the preceding months that he stood to receive almost nothing from a six-month endeavor.

keith-moon-the-lunatic_fb_2554925 Judy

Free at Least

Today’s front page headline in Edinburgh, Scotland, “Thank God Almighty free at least!”


Yea, for Scotland

I have managed one piece of information from England’s recent election. It seems Scotland may be allowed to break off entirely, finally achieving its autonomy. This news may not be fortuitous for the grubs, lichens and stones that may soon comprise the entirety of that nation’s diet.

drinking babies

Bill Graham and The Who

Bill Graham once raised the ticket price one dollar for a stadium show without telling The Who he had done so. We did not find out until a turned up for the show with the price printed on it. When asked why the fuck he did this, he screamed, ” “Because I wasn’t making enough money!”

e who

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