The Human Laundromat

by Regis Boff

Which Mexicans are coming into this country? Are they the good ones or bad ones? We assume they are the bad because they are coming in illegally and because our police are chasing them.
If we make them legal, as Mr. Obama suggests we do, does that automatically make them good? There can be no other conclusion.
If these people coming in are good, then any reasonable calculation would suggest we are getting an excellent deal.
However, if Mexico believed its people were good, they would never let them leave. Laws would be designed to prevent them from leaving. The absence of such prohibitions means that Mexico thinks it is cleansing itself, using America as a human laundromat.
My fear is these people, once cleaned, will return home without paying.
We need legislation, without delay, to prevent anyone from returning to Mexico after they cross our borders. Particularly if they didn’t carry with them a bunch of quarters when the first arrived.