Bad Winds Blowing Toward Canada

by Regis Boff

We all could agree that our variety of living being is slumping, particularly in the United States and we, of course, represent the world of flesh at it’s best.
America has not managed the enthusiasm to ignite a significant war in nearly sixty years. It is almost as though we are ill. We are even, perish the thought, threatening to not jump into the only authentic conflict available to us at the moment because our President is a pansy.
We can fertilize our libidos with unrequited cataclysms as much as we want, and these are always great fun, but let’s be candid, who amongst us believes that global warming can long maintain our fascinations? Not me that’s for damn sure.
We are Americans, and we need something consequential. I am ready to put Canada on the dartboard. Who is with me?
invade canada