A Quiz

by Regis Boff

A Quiz
By Regis Boff

I admit that this falls short of a real quiz but just test yourself for fun.
Clue 1.Inconsequential lawyer X marries rising political star in backwater squalor. Bridesmaids wear alligator.
Clue 2. Almost exactly two years after a subpoena was issued, Whitewater papers are found on a desk outside her office. “My Gosh,” exclaims X.
Clue 3. Vince Foster commits suicide, a lawyer, he represents them, (X and President), unlikely he had an affair with X, impossible to picture.
Clue 4. The husband puts X in charge of the health care reform, X fails and nearly brings down his Presidency.
Clue 5. Elected to State Senate of New York ( where X never lived), by the same slobbering idiots who elected Mayor Deblasio of NY.
Clue 6. Votes with President Bush to attack Iraq.
Clue 7. X loses to President Obama. He makes X Secretary of State, hoping to shut X up.
Clue 8. X promptly gets our Diplomats savagely murdered while landscaping the most confused American Foreign policy since Metternich.
I got tired, Its Hillary Clinton.