Hillary Clinton

by Regis Boff

It is easy for the weak mind to misinterpret emotion. All our major religions built themselves around common passionate sensations, then over time, built cocoons like churches, synagogues, mosques, etc. that could regurgitate this emotion as spirituality on cue. Practitioners tended to meet early in the morning, on a Saturday or Sunday when still not quite awake.
Flash chemical emotions account for nearly all human loyalties. Put a baby in front of most women and they’ll swoon like they have swallowed a barrel full mescaline cactus. Likewise, men at a sporting event will demonstrate where their spiritual allegiances really lay. There would not be Christianity if Jesus died during the playoffs.
The frailest minds gravitate towards fidelities that can be horrifyingly simplistic and even moronic. These people will, without any discernible catalyst, announce what their favorite color is or who they were in an earlier life. These characters are essentially harmless except when granted some play in decision-making activities like Presidential elections.