Work-less Lives

by Regis Boff

No matter what our media reports, the job market is tanking. There are tons of reasons for this and its fun and pointless to argue about it, but who cares?
My opinion is that unemployment is what we crave because subconsciously, as a nation, we know that all work sucks. As near as I can tell from FaceBook, there are about seventeen people who control all the wealth on Earth. Billions of people worldwide screech all day long, every day, like jealous halfwits about this. What they miss is that these seventeen people make it possible for us all to carry on with our work-less lives. I bet even these seventeen people don’t want to work. Rich people invest in their children a “work ethic,” because of their addiction to money. It sad when you think about it.
My parents never tried to instill in me that to not work was shameful. It was their most lasting gift to me. I have avoided real work all my life and I am at least as happy as anyone you have ever met.