Rock Accountant


Regret is the door you lock before entering.


Professional Athletes

Professional athletes should be required to play their sport for the city closest to where they were born. Likewise, fans must document, (by a certain amount of spending on team paraphernalia), their devotion to teams similarly adjacent. Failure to do so should disenfranchise them from voting in general elections.sports

She Hates Him

Even if Hilary Clinton has a reasonably successful term in the Presidency, she will purposefully and forever scar the Obama years. She will never, never allow him to have credit for universal healthcare. She deeply feels it was hers. When his plan falters, she will rush in, alter it, and play the heroine. Mr. Obama’s signature achievement, as irony would predict, will be taken from him because black people will vote mindlessly for her not realising that she despises him. Even in the darkest parts of the Confederate South, you will not find anyone who detests Barrack Obama more than she.

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A Genuine White Businessman

I prefer a genuine white businessman over a counterfeit woman who has no business experience other than the concealing of stolen money. Electing Hillary Clinton President would be the equivalent of giving more credit to Bonnie, of Bonnie and Clyde, because she buried the bank loot. I am voting for Mitt Romney.


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