I am Happy LeBron James Lost.

by Regis Boff

I am happy LeBron James lost. He wasn’t my kind of guy. He had no modesty. Golden State was all modesty. We made James our gladiator exactly as we did in ancient Rome.
He left Cleveland to set up a super team in Miami, and he accomplished that, gloating all the way. Then he dumped them like an aging parent. He came back to Cleveland with another super team. Cleveland forgave their prodigal Superman because they, too, are in the coliseum, and they are equally without honor. A true sports fan never gives a shit about who these athletes are, as long as they win.
Did he save Cleveland from financial ruin? Nonsense. Today Cleveland is a little sad but is essentially unchanged. He took money out of pockets he did not fill many. The city had fun as we all did, but I come from Pittsburgh, so I know what Cleveland is. It is moronic to feel sorry for a city.
The commentators tell us that LeBron did everything, he was a team player because he passed the ball. He was the coach because he ignored the one he had, ( try coaching when that happens). His molded team let him down by getting hurt. So he had to do it all, our hero, and without chariots. Poor LeBron, he was tired. Of course, the rest of his team had no right to that excuse, they were simply duds.
The little guy from Australia gave James his best games. It would not have been an interesting contest at all without Matthew Dellavedova. He stopped Curry in the first games of the series. Steph would have chopped Lebron’s mystic like tomatoes without that defense. Where is this down under, over-achiever’s credit now that they have lost? He doesn’t fit the Gladiator’s narrative. The sports writers have to be very careful now what they say, or he won’t give them interviews. After all it is a business.
In revealing ways, our sport’s Gods resembles our religious Gods. We must continue to believe in them no matter what we see or we don’t go to heaven. Oops, I meant the finals.