Puddles of Frosted Hostility

by Regis Boff

It was with a lack of familiarity that the media tried to deal with the “forgiveness” they witnessed in Charleston. They descended on that small town with the confidence of an angler who had, sight yet unseen,” a big one on their line”. The juicy mass murder of innocents engaged in a prayer meeting, by a white man welcomed into their midst. The news story was so perfect you could see the spittle in the corner of the mouths of every reporter.
Forgiveness is disorienting to hard crusted reporters who are highly trained to make everything worse. Worse is their job. But in the first few hours of this story you could feel them stumbling.
It was an important moment. It was not so much they feared we would be on to them. They know we mostly despise what they do and the trouble they make. How they will hurt us to make their money and fame. It was more that they had a rare glimpse of themselves.
What was different here was that these black families, while in indescribable pain, made each reporter realize that what they do as newspeople, was very far from the hand of God.
The media, though it is crucial, needs to be counterbalanced by the healing and stability that only forgiveness offers, otherwise we will separate into puddles of frosted hostility.