Like It Burned Them

by Regis Boff

I have grown tired of life without religion. The media state is failing me. Mind you, I am hugely satisfied with movie production and would never want to change that. But I am bored with the imbecility of cultural engineering. Most of this baloney is coming out of the colleges who see themselves as churches. They give people walking and talking orders, or what we used to call commandments and push them forward into a life of perfect harmony. Out with the old and in with the old.
I just miss the personal magic. Any pathetic belief in something is higher than us, that’s for me. I can’t live a life where the avoidance of words and the watchful intake of calories for longevity is all there is. I hate it that the weakest minds can bring me shame for my words. Even the Christian God did not strike us down once we got out of the Old Testament.
The black and white people in Charleston were deeply religious. I saw them forgive and remembered how textured and internally heated life could be with faith. I could see how the media behaved around such light. They cowered from it. Like it burned them.