It’s That We Pity Them

by Regis Boff

I wish there were no guns in the United States. That is not going to happen. Anyone who believes it could happen is a nice person.

These pathetic little mass shooters never got the opportunity to go violently mad without being noticed fifty years ago. Their parents and the neighbors would have marked them and stopped them very early.

Oh, and by the way, we all had guns back then. All white people had guns. It was a Right of Passage. We learned to shoot in Boy Scouts, right after church.

I know something that I can’t say much about because it makes nice people very bitter and muddles their codes of reasoning.
Why is it that only white people fire their guns into crowds of innocents? Wouldn’t you figure that despondent black people would be the ones to explode? Each people have the same guns and the same churches.

For sure it is not poverty or guns that spawn these animals. It’s that we pity them.