Genesis # 2

by Regis Boff

Radio is not what it used to be. In the early seventies if you wanted to get your pet goat on the air for three minutes, to bleat for all it was worth, it took only a bag of money. You just walked into a radio station, handed the D.J. the cash, put the headphones on the goat, pulled him to the mic and hope someone out there would believe it was a hit. There were many bands during this decade with less talent than those goats. Some so bad they couldn’t be eaten.
Genesis never got play on the radio. The band did not record any singles, and their songs could be twenty minutes or more long. A single could not be longer than 3.21 min. There was an advertising calculus involved. Allowing the band on the radio could bring down the station.
Genesis played more shows than any band, ever. They might be the only artists ever to succeed without the significant help from the radio.
Their fans, some who stayed with them for life, did so because of seeing them live during these five or six years. The shows were completely different than anything they had ever seen.
Their audience was smart, poor and gentle. We never had an opening act nor did they ever open to anyone else. The one glaring exception was a date in Detroit with Lou Reed that veered very badly into a hard lesson. His fans beat up our entire audience after the show.